About me
Gillian McKinnon
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I am passionate about health and wellbeing and helping people on the way to feeling vibrant and energised by guiding them as they make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle.  My aim is to help you be well by looking at how improvements to what you eat and how you live can improve your health and help manage your stress levels. My goal is to give you the right tools to take control of your own health. 

I am a Clinical Nutritionist with a holistic approach to health and wellness.  I am also Mum to two teenagers, have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine (with Distinction), and have had my own challenges with anxiety.  My experiences, my studies, and watching friends and family struggle with a variety of health issues, have shown me how poor dietary choices, especially when combined with the stresses of modern life, can negatively impact health and wellbeing. 

I offer help with a range of health problems, from skin and hormonal issues and weight management, to improving energy and managing anxiety, as well as supporting healing after illness or surgery.  I have a special interest in pre-conception and pregnancy care, helping Mums-and-Dads-to-be to make strong, healthy babies.  I work collaboratively with you, and with other health professionals when needed, to ensure you receive the best possible care for your needs.  Functional pathology testing can be ordered if necessary to more thoroughly investigate issues such as hormonal imbalances and gastrointestinal problems. 

As my client you will receive a personalised Wellness Plan to refer to and keep you on the right track.  My science degree provides an evidence-based background to my recommendations, and my passion for doing things naturally means that these recommendations will be as simple and sustainable as possible.  I am not about a no-fun diet, but rather about finding more nourishing ways to have enough of what you like, in the right amounts, for optimal health and wellbeing.  Making a commitment to yourself now will put you on the right path to strength and vitality in the future.  I look forward to meeting you!